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Greeting Card Markets:

11510 Goldcoast Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249-1695
Phone (513) 489-2775; Fax (513) 489-2857

Needs original, simple, short and humorous verses for Birthday, Friendship, Miss You, Anniversary, Get Well, Thank You, etc. Pays $150 for every idea accepted (The front cover words and inside "punch line") and purchases all rights. Individual card idea should include your name and address. Include a SASE for the return of your unused ideas. Email submissions are acceptable, but you will not receive any response unless Amberley Greeting decides to purchase an idea from you. Forward your ideas to dcronstein@amberleygreeting.com.

Current humorous needs: 16th birthday, 21st birthday, 50th birthday, Belated birthday, Love birthday, Masculine birthday, Birthday-from all, Birthday-from both, Birthday-from co-workers, Birthday-aunt, Birthday-daughter, Birthday-husband, Birthday-sister, Birthday-sister to sister, Birthday-son, Birthday-wife

Coping, Support/encouragement, Miss you, Miss you-love, Haven't written, General friendship, love, fun, a little risquŽ

Thank you, Caregiver, Sorry, I'm there for you

97 S. Union Avenue
Lansdowne, PA 19050
Attn: Editor

Risque humor for greeting cards, key chains, and "crazy credit cards" (plastic wallet cards with humorous sentiments). Sold in Spencer's stores. Does not accept e-mail submissions. Needs: "hilarious birthday, over the hill, and general gags involving sexual terms, humor, positions, illustrations, etc.," as well as seasonal studio cards for Christmas and Valentine's Day ONLY. How to submit: Type or hand-write ideas on 3x5 index cards. Include your name, address, and phone number on the back of each card. Submit in batches of 8-20 with an SASE. Pays $75 for cards, and on acceptance. Buys all rights. Responds in 6-8 weeks. (Listing courtesy of AbsoluteWrite.com newsletter)

507 Grand Street #2H
Trenton, NJ 08611

Melting Pot Gifts is a gift store that will seek to help interracial couples, their families, and their friends express and explore their feelings for each other.

Card should have an interracial theme. When writing text it might be helpful to have an image in your mind to go with the text. The art might be an interracial couple, interracial parents and their child, etc. (Both serious and lighthearted material considered). Offensive material will not be considered. Please do not submit more than 10 ideas at a time. All work should be original and author should keep copy of his/her work. Please submit the following themes according to the calendar:

January through March: Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Graduation

July through November: Thanksgiving, Christmas Year Round: Birthday, Wedding/Anniversary, Thinking of You, Encouragement

Include the following information with all submissions: Name, Address, Phone, Fax (if possible), and Email. If submitting ideas via the postal service, each message or verse should be typed on a separate piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11"), or 4" x 6" or 3" x 5" slips of paper or index cards with contact information included on each submission. Each submission should be accompanied by a brief cover letter. (If submitting by email, only one cover letter is required.) The letter should be addressed to Michelle Emerson, and briefly indicate what you are submitting. The cover letter should be no longer than a short paragraph. If your material is not accepted and you want it returned, you should include a SASE.If your idea is chosen we will contact you within 8-12 weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot give updates on the status of any particular submission. Therefore, if after 12 weeks, you do not hear from us, it is safe to assume that we were not able to use your submission.

Payment of $50 per idea. Name credit (Author's name will be printed on the card). Three greeting cards.


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