Mesa Arizona Poetry written by Cynthia Rider can be found by visiting where her poetry is complemented by her professional photography, illustrations and artwork. Cynthia J. Rider is a Mesa, Arizona poet and fine artist

CJ's Corner







Writer's Block

Keep a Journal, or keep a file of interesting short stories, articles and pictures that interest you.  When you can't think of anything to write about, pour through your clippings. Something in your collection is sure to stimulate your  poetic interest. 

Think over the article or pic, what is the emotion, what is the vision and setting.  Asking a few questions can often be enough to form an idea for your next poem. 



To write a 'bad' poem is better than no poem at all.

Always Proof-read!

Poetry must undergo many revisions in order to shine.

Stick to your topic.

Make every word count.


Lay vs lie


Lets discuss it!  Please post thoughts and ideas about poetry in the forum!