ignorance is bliss
A Gecko's Tale

Soft, warm, gecko, hanging on the desert wall.
In a frieze of brown and gold,
Clinging tightly to the stone.
Thinking you are unseen
As you laze in summer sun.

The heat is so intense
You have to raise one foot.
Still not cool enough,
Slowly exchanging it for another,
To keep the timed dance going.

Across the great expanse
Time goes on forever.
Mirages of water and cities,
Make you right at home,
When indeed, you're all alone.


The hungry hawk flies in the sky
Riding currents high above.
Circling 'round on his last pass,
About to glide along his way
To the cliffs and cooling crags.

Then he spots your subtle shifting
To dissipate the heat.
Swooping in a hastened dive
Aimed to where you hide, in
Open view so none can see.

Small feet release their hold
You fall to the sandy floor
And scurry into a crack.
Foiling this birds attempt
To dine on you today.

As the circling hawk goes seeking,
The cycle of life continues
Under a scorching desert sun.
Another chance is all he asks,
Just leave the rest to him.