Hopeless, one-sided love.
Cold One

Her sad coldness of heart drew me to her,
As small moths to a bright burning lamp.
I believed, with my warmth, I could melt it,
This freeze in the depths of her chest.

I went forth in hope I could save her,
With true love and firm trust I could give.
Is devotion enough to prevail then?
And free her of ice found within?

Inviting, she let me draw near her.
Eyes belying the words she would speak.
Spellbound, I could not read the writing,
On life's wall for the whole world to see.

Twisting and turning, she'd ride me,
I thought, at the time, it was right.
Taking my being in her two hands, 
Abused at her whim once again.

In too deep now to know I can't change her,
So ne'er will she love me in truth.
I'm blinded by yen in my own heart.
Dim view, through jade eyes, that's my fate.