photo by CJ Rider                           
Double Delight
Tough path, hard choices. It's all good.


The gardener loves to take a stroll
Amongst the flowers he doth grow.
Admiring each and every one,
Sweet, shining splendorsin the sun.   

Searching out his one prized bud,
To prune and preen so it will burst.
Down the cobbled path, he trod       
Amidst the green dew-moistened sod.  

His route is not an easy one,
Bruising stones push on his sole.
Clinging thorns extract demands,
The bouquet awaits his gentle hands.

Radiant within a sea of green,  
Double Delight top stems supreme.  
The gardener needs to crop the bloom
To give the plant its growing room.

Onerous choice, he makes a snip.
Its soft head topples to the ground-  
But not to ruin, it still has use,
Sitting pretty on chocolate mousse.


Double Delight white-chocolate mousse cake.