Queen Anne's Lace

  My garden is such a wondrous place
Of fragrance, gentle on the wind.
Drifting out into the world,
Beckoning all to come inside.

At blush of dawn the night awakes,
Sweet scents play on morning breeze.
Flowers open and seedlings grow,
Replenishing earth for all to behold.

New blooms revel in their short span,
Creating one ambrosial hand.
A Broad-tailed Hummingbird passes by
To sip sweet nectar through his nib.

Blue orchids ooze an ample goo,
For bees who make instinctive dives,
Collecting pollen on their way
To feed upon the bounteous flow.

While butterflies with wings of golden
Highlights fly across the sky
And settle upon a plant by chance,
To taste sweet life in Blue Bell blooms.

My garden exudes a silent beckon,
Attracting beasts to sumptuous feasts,
On bounteous treasures found so deep
Inside the iris standing tall.

Queen Anne's Lace is strewn about,
Large filigree tops abound in full.
They gather by the narrow walk,
In welcome to all that happen by.

Copyright C.J. Rider. All rights reserved.