Secret Garden









Secret garden-
Hidden deep within my mind,
Exists behind a strong hedge copse
Where enchanting Erigeron flourish and grow.

Amongst the privet, the climbing rose
Intricately woven spiring wall.
Full of blooms and winding stems
Deceiving, with its jagged thorns.

A maze-like path leads to the heart
Where earth is smiling flowers galore.
Please push on, you soon will view
This rare and stunning scene.

Walls of rose-thicket line the lane
To ward off pests and prying eyes.
With a twist and turn, the path soon ends,
Displaying the gleaming jewels within.

The path breaks open to behold
The glorious inner sanctum.
Stand before it, not breaking the silence-
In awe of what you see.

Follow the cobbles around the beds,
Smell the lively, velvety scent
Of Angel's Trumpet double blooms,
Flanked along the walk.

Sniff the fresh odor of dampened earth,
See new sprouts bursting forth.
Calla lilies in the shade
Will take your breath away.

Off the path, on heather-blue grass,
Kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes.
Soft and moist, it makes you laugh and
Forget all passing grief.

Pick up the trowel, turn the earth,
Nurture it for the next in need.
This special garden has magical power
To calm and center a troubled life.

Protect this secret and guard it well,
To keep the sanctity of quiet haven,
Lest throngs of feet invade its space
And wipe away earth's smile.


Copyright C.J. Rider. All rights reserved.