Photo by CJ Rider


cling to what you know

With metronomic regularity,
Life revolved around the sound
Of my bow pulling across each string.
Soft and long till each note sang round,
With the reverb of a fine bell's ring.

Ardent lessons since gone by,
I practiced without rest,
As my fingers moved fine and true.
I attended concerts to hear the best
Snatch virtuosity from the blue.

If I could only play like them,
I simmered in my ambition.
Finally the call to play the part,
I'd waited for, came to fruition.
- Dare I display my heart? -

My good fortune close afoot,
Plunged me into a turmoil
Of misgiving and self-doubt.
I begged the courage to break this foil
Yet afraid to find what I'm about.

But alas, I crossed the stage that day,
Feeling my fingertip scars.
In formal dress without ado
I took my place among the stars,
Grasping virtuosity from the blue.